Aluminum Windows for your Modern Home

April 19, 2018 Service Aluminum - Posts

A Modern Home Design requires high-quality manufactured Aluminum Windows

Why Service Aluminum Co’s aluminum windows are the right choice for your new or remodeled home

If working directly with us or your chosen architect, our aluminum windows are a perfect choice for your new home or renovation. We manufacture and install windows and doors that are aesthetically pleasing and functional for today’s modern home. Open concept is still the design of choice for California residents. Our windows help you connect with the outside living you’re accustomed to. Whether adding generous space to your main living area, or brightening up a lower-level bedroom, we have both standard and over-sized windows to fit your needs.

The clean lines of our aluminum windows help to compliment much of the modern architecture we see and work with. They provide ample flexibility not only for architects, but for interior designers you may be working with. Our products come in a wide range of looks and finishes, and can be customized to fit an array of applications. Service Aluminum can help to design a series of products for your home to help smaller spaces feel larger or to give your luxury home that final touch.

Especially when working with remodels, our aluminum frames can provide a modern touch to your home. Creating great curb appeal with the long life and low maintenance expected of aluminum products. We have been manufacturing custom products for over 30 years for luxury residential, commercial residential, and retail. Providing windows and doors for contractors and architects, our products offer superior quality with our superior service. Contact us today to learn more about our products as well as schedule a time to talk about your project.