Custom doors, Custom Windows: Luxury Homes, Commercial, and Retail Applications

Our aluminum products come with both standard (stock) and optional finishes. We have 2 types of finishes to choose from:
Anodized and Painted

Anodized Finishes

200 Series Windows and All Doors

  • Class I Clear Anodized– Stock
  • Class I Dark Bronze Anodized– Stock
  • All other Anodized finishes/colors– Custom Order

150 Series Windows

  • Class II Clear Anodized — Stock
  • Class II Dark Bronze Anodized– Stock
  • All other Anodized finishes/color– Custom Order

AAMA 611 designates Anodized Finishes based on the thickness. Class I is a thicker coating which is less susceptible to weathering and more resistant to corrosion and scratching. Class II coating is .4-.7 mil and Class I is .7 mil or greater.

There are other anodized finishes available; however, the lighter the bronze color, the more susceptible to variations in color. Anodized finishes, in general, tend to have more variations than paint in both color and sheen since they allow the natural finish and imperfections of the aluminum to show through. Dark Bronze and Clear have the least color variation but still have some.

Painted Finishes


  • Kynar 70% — Standard 2 coat, non exotic as well as 3 Coat, metallic and Exotic finishes
  • All paint finishes are a custom order


  • Kynar 70% standard white– Stock
  • Kynar 70% — Standard 2 coat, non exotic and 3 coat, metallic / exotic finishes
  • All paint finishes except for standard white are a custom order

AAMA 2605 designates the paint grade. Our paint is made with a fluoropolymer resin and marketed as 70% Kynar. Kynar paint is a high performance paint which is electro-statically applied and baked on in a standard two-coat system. Depending on the color (usually metallics and exotics), a third or fourth coat may be required. The surface is easily cleaned, has a high chemical resistance, excellent color and gloss retention, and resistance to sunlight. It is, however, a softer finish than an anodized finish and may scratch more easily.

Paint color is only limited by your imagination. Please provide either a color sample or a UC number for us to match.